As president of Jnata Kalyan Samiti Tribute (JKS), it is my pleasure to report to you on the organization’s accomplishments over the course of the past year. The association generous assures equitable access too timely and free primary health care services in a setting that honors and respects the dignity of each individual poor patient while offering a hand-up, but not a hand-out. Integrated Community Welfare and Development services are core issues has remained unchanged since 1999, and that is to promote the health, education, women empowerment, skills development among low-income, working uninsured and other vulnerable children and adults in northern states particularly southwest district of Haryana. We attain this mission by providing a team-based approach to comprehensive skills development, welfare services, educational activities and health care services, assessing each patient’s unique medical needs and preferences, while concurrently addressing social, cultural, and environmental needs that may have medical impacts.

Permanency becomes a central focus as JKS moves into the next decade. We have become a community institution through nearly one decade of service, and through strategic partnerships with community stakeholders and supporting depts./ agencies/ donors/individuals will remain a permanent and reliable all for those who call upon our services well into the future. As I leaf through this Annual Report, I am awed by the listing of names and the generosity of so many. It will be the sustained generosity of those who receive this report, and many others that will assure the continued attainment of our mission, and the provision of a permanent source of community development for those who face hard times. I thank you for the privilege of serving as the president of JKS, your trust and confidence in our organization, your past and future financial contributions, and your shared commitment to our permanency and mission.

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